Free Celeb Game Big Hit – Reec & K-Camp Do It Again! #PayUsa Meets #Campsgiving

For the Third consecutive year our very own Reec (@ReecSwiney) & K-Camp (@kcamp) treated the city to a free celeb basketball game. It was a PACKED HOUSE. shout-out to everyone who was a part of this event. Reec & K Camp @ PAYDAY Vs. Campsgiving 2019 Over a thousand people were in attendance and everyone got in for free courtesy of Positive American Youth, The Campsgiving Foundation and Riverside Epicenter. It was a day filled with celebrity basketball action, performances by Xtreme Cheer Gym and The South Cobb Jr. Eagles Cheer Squads. Click Here For Full Photo Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=ms.c.eJxllMmNA1AIQzuKgM~%3Baf2MjjZRDnq~_W2WzAzWu6ffbq~_bP9~_Be57fpF9mqItPVvVM8jZ4~%3BIhDMqG5xjP~_ZLJIx5NtDPap4oItWIsmZm60fODJBxiVrqM7bMs1D1PNjPeJPjnNSDmb3ImZRadYxquuN9RJaz~_3HSMEGcGkawVoREPZlimGeHnsZjz5FSq8Qd2cwoqhqd5DQ1nBPOuiDFzEfOc3b4ngsil2vCSarxeMv35JbXqHMavUjj7Ckup9xpyq5msJ9MqpGZ7FCuIGWKHKqx8klyeHFl5JRsZsn21qPvlRKV1KfEnZIbLH7Iq6HytfwSdfIhRbEO7mEHM~%3BejPp10cDVPSlTLf5Z9XvF9i3OtfK2df53~%3BANegYTU~-.bps.a.10157661789376308&type=3  

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Hundreds Of Families Receive Free Turkeys and Thanksgiving Baskets From Positive American Youth & our Very Own Reec!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d093xzzzMDg Another Turkey Give Away in the books! Special thanks to everyone that came out and EVERYONE THAT CAME TOGETHER to make this happen. Special thanks to Reec Swiney (Hot 107.9) & Erica Thomas (GA State Representative) & Urban One Atlanta as our media sponsor. Also to Cobb EMC & Amerigroup. A lot of people left with turkey’s and "fixens" for their thanksgiving feast. 🙏🏽. #ThePowerOfGiving #Community #WhoYouWit

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Positive American Youth is Giving Away 107 Turkeys an Hour with State Rep Erica Thomas & Reec Swiney of Hot 107.9 Right in Time For Thanksgiving Dinner!

Positive American Youth is Giving Away 107 Turkeys an Hour with State Rep Erica Thomas & Reec Swiney of Hot 107.9 Right in Time For Thanksgiving Dinner!

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Reec Creates Colorful Scene For Redbull’s 3x Tourny in Raleigh, NC.

3x3 Basketball has exploded within the USA basketball scene with US Basket & FIBA having a multitude of qualifying tournaments. These tournaments give any hoops trio the possibility of representing the USA in the 2020 Olympics as the Men's or Women's 3x3 Team. This weekend Redbull teamed up with US Basket for a unique take on the qualifier in Raleigh, NC. This version was a culmination of 3x basketball, entertainment and of course, complimentary Redbull. Midday Personality of ATL's Hot 107.9, Reec Swiney, provided a very unique take on color commentary for the women's and men's games. DJ Nevy of NC coordinated the music for the day. After a very competitive day of hoops the Women's Division named The GW Bulldogs winner. This was there 6th tournament this year and 4th final championship. The Men's division saw Atlanta's own 3x traveling team "Shooters Gone Shoot" take on a local NC 3x powerhouse "Nomad Hoops" in an extremely intense championship battle. In the end the "trophy" stayed home in NC fo this tournament as Nomad hoops prevailed. Photos Courtesy of: Tasha Swanson (@_YoungTash)

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Kids Received Free Hair Cuts & Supplies At Recent Clippers & Cops Event!

With back to school right around the corner it was a pleasant surprise for parents with children to receive free hair cuts and school supplies when they arrived to discuss many topics in an open forum with local law enforcement dubbed Clippers & Cops. Many topics of discussion took place in addition to the back to school festivities. Concerns of gang related policing, how to handle teen offenders, and knowing your rights during a traffic stop. Tensions did run HOT a few times, between some local activist and the officers but moderator Reec (Hot 107.9 / PAYUSA) got things back into perspective. In the end both parties were able to hear what the other was bringing to the table and a level empathy was reached. A favorite part of the event for the attendees was the "Traffic Stop" demonstration, in which officers mocked a traffic stop and pulled over Reec, giving out different situations and showing how they are thinking and executing. This gave the onlookers a better perspective of what to do when being "pulled over". https://www.instagram.com/p/B0YiSMTBODg/  

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Another Successful Block Party & Free BBQ in The Books!

https://youtu.be/G_3yJgJ8Y4I Sunday 6/30, PAYUSA & Reec (Hot 107.9) kicked off our Free BBQ and Block Party Series named “Reec Treats The City”. The community came out for this event in droves! We served north of a thousand plates, Reec & PAYUSA Gave away a truck full of toys and house hood items and the kids had a blast on the game truck and moon bounce. Some special celebrity guest including Shyneka Richardson Erica Thomas Shirlene MsJuicy King 2crucial Special thanks to all of our sponsors Cobb EMC Moneak (Jumperees) Colgate #WellcareHealthPlans Mike Smoak (Smoak-N-Bones BBQ) Marlon CravingsExpress Nash one source autos Wal-Mart Hot 107.9 Positive American Youth  

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Reec Mediates “Clippers & Cops” – People Air Out Issues With The Police

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tws2yPW7n80&t=6s The "Clippers and Cops" event happened Thursday at Stoney's Barbershop on Edgewood Drive. The event seeks to unify police officers and communities by giving both groups the chance to speak openly about concerns in a forum-like setting. These events take place monthly at different shops and have gone as far as St. Louis, MI and Toccoa, GA! Clippers and Cops are the brainchild or Ty Dennis (APD Detective / Task Force Officer with ATF) & Mediated by Reec (Hot 107.9 / Positive American Youth)   For More information and to come to the next Clippers and Cops event, visit: www.ClippersandCops.com Check out pictures from the event (Photos Courtesy of Fox 5 News Atlanta)

The People Air Out Issues With The Police

Ex cons, Business men, lawyers, teachers, GD's and executives gathered into Murden's Barber Shop to air out their grievances with law enforcement Thursday 3/21. To  their surprise they were met with open minds and empathetic ears! The event was hosted by Ty Dennis (APD Detective / Task Force Officer with ATF) & Mediated by Reec (PAYUSA / Hot 107.9) with special guest appearance by Hurricane Dave (Vice President of Programming & Operations - Radio One) L - R: Michael Seiden (WSB Channel 2) -  Ty Dennis (APD Detective / Task Force Officer with ATF) -  Reec (PAYUSA / Hot 107.9) - Omar (Freedom is a Choice Mentoring) - Hurricane Dave (Vice President of Programming & Operations - Radio One) For 65 years Murden's Barber Shop has been a hub for the community to get way more than a fresh line up. The long standing business has been a place for young men to get an opportunity to make a living, share ideals, life skills and experiences. Recently Mr. Martin, founder and owner, has felt an alarming change in the neighborhood with an influx of teenagers that seem to be loitering with no positive intentions. ENTER Clippers and Cops.  An initiative based on local law enforcement hearing the communities issues, concerning policing and police interaction. This particular event got heated at times because of the passion that the locals have concerning the youth and the general safety for themselves and ability to continue to maintain businesses.  (Video Clips can be found at Facebook.com/) In closing, their where many resources shard to help this community move forward, including the officers for the area sharing direct contact information with the patron so they can continue to build post [...]

12 Wants to Hear Your Concerns! EVENT 3/21

Cops and Clippers is Back! Next Event is 3/21/19 Check out Our Last Clippers & Cops Event!! February 21 marked the kick off for the community event titled Clippers and Cops. The community came out to talk face to face with members of the local police force in hopes of gaining understanding and clarity, while building a relationship between the two parties. The event was moderated by Reec Swiney of Hot 107.9 and Ty Dennis(APD Detective / Task Force Officer with ATF) who is also the brainchild of the program. Ty Dennis (APD) & Reec (Hot 107.9) Topics included: What to do when you get pulled over What Does the community expect from the police Teen crime Police brutality and excessive force Gang policing and prevention One of the most interesting portions of the event was a tutorial on citizen etiquette when getting pulled over. You can see it at Clippers Facebook Page and website: http://clippersandcops.com/ Clippers and Cops is a traveling program and will be at a Barbershop near you soon! Tune in to Hot 107.9 for details.

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